Dani's Birthday Party | The Superman

Fotos aniversário 4 anos do Daniel—tema Super Heróis—por @DanielleTeixeira

Fotos aniversário 4 anos do Daniel—tema Super Heróis—por @DanielleTeixeira

We live among super heroes, but not the kind with impossible powers as we see on movies. They are around us, every day, fighting in silence, seeking all the good they can find in such hopeless times. They work tireless to keep up with the full fridge, the coolest game, trendy shoes, best school—they are always giving their best to give us the best. They learn how to hide their tears with smiles, just to see us smiling; to hide their fears just to encourage us to be fearless. Our father and mother could never fly over the clouds, but they could give us their heart just to see us living under the blue sky.

His smile on these photos are priceless. Superman and Batman might be his super heroes, but I’m sure the big heroes behind all this are his mom and dad! Congrats, folks, for such accomplished mission!  

Benjamin First Birthday Party in New Jersey


Time flies! That’s for sure! I’ve photographed Nikolle while she was pregnant of Benjamin. In my mind it was like yesterday—and I still remember her words about how powerful and beautiful she was feeling since beginning her pregnancy. Giving birth to a child is indeed something out of words.

When Nikolle contacted me to photograph Benjamin first party I was shocked! How come—I’ve make the maternity shots a few months ago! It’s so rewarding to re-encounter these mamas and having the opportunity to meet their little ones! <3

Nikolle and Ulas had in mind something outside NYC—some place where the kids could experience a bit of nature instead of being inside an indoor playground. Alstede Farms is about 60 miles from Manhattan—in New Jersey. It was such a pleasant and fun day! The farm rents tends for birthday parties and offers lots of activities for the kids—from planting strawberries to feed animals. You can take a drive into the field and appreciate the view and nature—a great scape from the tall buildings and noise in NYC.