Ballerina Photoshoot at the New York Public Library | Camila Rodrigues

What a dream! The truth is I’m still in ecstasy after this amazing opportunity to photograph the Brazilian ballerina Camila Rodrigues at the iconic New York Public Library.

Since the beginning of my career as a photographer, I was fascinated about dance photography and the movements frozen in a frame—such passion, strength and daintiness all together. It took me a while to move this step forward and try something different, completely out of my comfort zone. I LOVED IT!

Ballet photography requires patience and technique knowledge and it’s much more about perfection and details—completely different from a documentary or lifestyle photoshoot. Photographing Camila definitely made me push myself harder and drive my eyes to a different point of view. I am absolutely certain that this project is the first of many more to come!

Thank you, Camila! It was a honour and a pleasure doing this photoshoot with you! And for those who are interested in photographing at New York Public Library in Bryant Park, you won’t need a permit since you don’t use either flash/light equipment or tripod—just bring your camera and have fun!