Ballet at Oculus, in World Trace Center


Many years before becoming a photographer, I remember being obsessed and delighted with ballet and dance photography—although never had the posture and discipline for dancing. My first time in US, when I was only 15, I’ve visited a museum in Florida—I can’t remember which one, but still have in mind the photos of ballerinas dancing in black and white. I never pictured myself one day holding a camera and capturing such beautiful movements, but I must say It’s a dream coming to life.

If you want to shoot inside Oculus—World Trace Center in New York—you’ll need a permit from the Westfield World Trade Center office. Just email them and ask for a permission to take a few shots when it’s less crowded—avoid rushing hours at all cost!

A huge thanks for Ju and Bebel, these gorgeous ballerinas, for waking up so early and open a slot in their super tight schedule for these amazing photos!

Ballet in SoHo, New York


In my previous post I relied on my words on photography not being about perfection, but the moment. I guess I’ll contradict myself here. These photos are all about perfection. The perfection of the moment, the expression, the hands, the foot, the posture, the legs… it’s all about the second that the moment is frozen on absolutely perfection.

I photograph ballerinas just for fun! It’s my hobby moment—like an artist painting, I take ballet photos. I still have a long way towards the perfection of dance photography—as so marvellous photographers as Rachel Neville do it so beautifully—but for me it’s like chasing a perfection that exist only on that second and maybe, the camera will never caught it. Just your eyes.

Thank you, Camila and Alejandra! For challenging myself; for training my eyes for more perfection and for the fun afternoon while most New Yorkers were soaking in the pouring rain. And a HUGE thanks for Barrows, for allowing us to use this beautiful space on a Sunday! #FeelingBlessed

Ballerina Photoshoot at the New York Public Library | Camila Rodrigues

What a dream! The truth is I’m still in ecstasy after this amazing opportunity to photograph the Brazilian ballerina Camila Rodrigues at the iconic New York Public Library.

Since the beginning of my career as a photographer, I was fascinated about dance photography and the movements frozen in a frame—such passion, strength and daintiness all together. It took me a while to move this step forward and try something different, completely out of my comfort zone. I LOVED IT!

Ballet photography requires patience and technique knowledge and it’s much more about perfection and details—completely different from a documentary or lifestyle photoshoot. Photographing Camila definitely made me push myself harder and drive my eyes to a different point of view. I am absolutely certain that this project is the first of many more to come!

Thank you, Camila! It was a honour and a pleasure doing this photoshoot with you! And for those who are interested in photographing at New York Public Library in Bryant Park, you won’t need a permit since you don’t use either flash/light equipment or tripod—just bring your camera and have fun!