About taking family portraits ❤️

Ensaio fotográfico gestante e família em São José dos Campos por @DanielleTeixeira

One of my greatest pleasure about being a photographer is moments like these—not always the photoshoot goes as you planned and you must challenge yourself and remember that the perfection on a photo is not only the best pose to make you look slimmer and younger, but the smile and good memories that photo will give you!

Photographing kids is always a challenge! They want to run free, to jump, to explore and not to loose that moment to be still and pose for a stranger behind the camera. A true portrait of a family at the park is full of spontaneity, the favourite toy—even if it’s not the prettiest one—a big laugh—doesn’t matter if it gives you a double chin or not, it should be a true reflexion of that moment, that happiness, that second that got frozen in your memory forever.

Each family photoshoot is unique! I don’t follow poses or recipes—one portrait is never the same as the other, simply because each person is unique and each family has your own dynamic. And I believe my work is to portrait the best of them and give them the best memories they could have—something that they felt and not posed for!