Ballet in SoHo, New York


In my previous post I relied on my words on photography not being about perfection, but the moment. I guess I’ll contradict myself here. These photos are all about perfection. The perfection of the moment, the expression, the hands, the foot, the posture, the legs… it’s all about the second that the moment is frozen on absolutely perfection.

I photograph ballerinas just for fun! It’s my hobby moment—like an artist painting, I take ballet photos. I still have a long way towards the perfection of dance photography—as so marvellous photographers as Rachel Neville do it so beautifully—but for me it’s like chasing a perfection that exist only on that second and maybe, the camera will never caught it. Just your eyes.

Thank you, Camila and Alejandra! For challenging myself; for training my eyes for more perfection and for the fun afternoon while most New Yorkers were soaking in the pouring rain. And a HUGE thanks for Barrows, for allowing us to use this beautiful space on a Sunday! #FeelingBlessed

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo | Welcome Spring 2019

There’s no doubt SoHo is the best spot for a fashion and street photoshoot in New York. I had so much fun with @ColoursOfCoco walking around Spring St, Broome St and the instagrammable Nomo Hotel—a classic spot for a photo.

If you are scouting for spots to fashion your collection or just boost your Instagram or Blog with nice photos, just go check around some of my favourite spots in SoHo for a photoshoot:

1. Nomo Hotel

2. L’Appartement Sézane shop

3. Greene St and Mercer St, corner with Spring St

4. Max-Bone shop

Go check for some tips for this spring!

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo by @DaniellePhotographySa

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo by @DaniellePhotographySa